Kick Ass and that ain’t no joke!

I really should start counting the number of times I hear someone mention swine flu on a daily basis.  Excuse me, H1N1 (don’t wamtn.2oz.kickstartnt to hurt the piggys’ feelings).  But I really do have better things to do than track that kind of stuff.  All this talk has me thinking about seasonal illness in general.  So I wanted to share a great product called Kick Ass Immune.  It’s made by a local (as in Boulder, CO) company, Wish Garden Herbs.  Although it looks like the company has changed the name to Kick Start Immune, I’m sticking with the old name of Kick Ass because I like curse words.  They also have a childrens formula.  This stuff really works.  The minute I feel a tickle I start sucking this tincture down.  While I can’t say that I’ve ever totally averted a cold or flu with this stuff, I can say that using this product has hastened the illness and lessened the symptoms.  And that, my friends, is kick ass!

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  1. amy

     /  October 23, 2009

    Can you tell me how you drink that stuff without gagging?? :-) I have tried it before and find it very hard to swallow. I have even resorted to plugging my nose while drinking the mixture. Any tips would be appreciated!! I agree though, it does lessen symptoms.

    • I literally just pump a few dropper-fuls under my tongue. I do that every hour or so until I think I’m in the clear. Yes, it doesn’t taste great, but compared to the Chinese herbs I was taking recently that tasted like an ashtray, I’ll take it. Wo-man up, Amy :)


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