Etsy shop of the week

I’m routinely surprised by how many people don’t know about  Etsy is a wonderful online store where people can buy and sell handmade goods.  I’ve found some of the most incredible things on Etsy and have holiday gift ideas coming out of my ears.  Not to mention shower gift ideas for the approximately 50 women I know who are pregnant.  Anyone else noticing a baby boom lately?

Anyway, there are several ways to search this site (i.e. by categories like an alpha list, Editor’s Picks, local stores by zip code – a nice way to buy local but still be online, etc.), but my favorite way is to Pounce! Pouncing lets you search the site randomly by Etsy shops that either have a new posting or have just made a sale.  I have whiled away many a relaxing Sunday afternoon finding all sorts of new, cool stuff on Etsy via Pounce.  Anyway, I’ll be featuring one of my favorite Etsy shops on here weekly.  Yes, I did just promise yet ANOTHER weekly post.  So, stay tuned!

Gypsy Rose Handbags offers handmade purses, diaper bags, laptop bags, and camera bags.  She also sells fabric and will work with you on custom orders.

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