Favorite site of the week: The Succulent Wife’s Favorite Things

I’m not even sure how I happened upon this site.  But man do I love it!  Afterall, this site is how I learned about my beloved Mohop Shoes! And so I am eternally grateful.  The Succulent Wife is essentially what I hope this site will become – a great resource for new and exciting things I happen upon and wish to share.  She’s got everything on here from cute bento box gift sets, to comfortable flats, to a bit about an online store where you can rent clothing!  Check it out and I hope you’ll find it as fun and informative to browse as I do!


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  1. You could do this even better!

  2. Hi Annie,

    Thanks for the compliment of naming The Succulent Wife as site of the week. I’m deeply flattered and must say that I found some very cool stuff on your site as well. Good luck to you and all your efforts. Perhaps we can think of some way of working together.

    Oh, and please tell Teresa that her photography is absolutely amazing. You need to do a feature article on her amazing work.



    • You are more than welcome, Anne-Marie. Glad you like the site! I would love to do some work with you, or at least pick your brain a bit. I’ll contact you via Succulent Wife. As for Teresa, I’ll pass your kind words along. I did do an article about her for a local magazine, but I can’t seem to find the online link right now. Take care!


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