Favorite Site of the Week: Shop it to Me

The other night I received this sort of odd email from a friend.  “I know you like deals, so I thought you might like this.”  Or something to that effect (hey, I have my official journalist hat off on this one).  Anyway, I click on the link in the email and I’m taken to this amazing site, Shop it to Me.  Now, I can be gullible but I’m not totally web un-savvy, so I start doing some homework before I agree to anything.  Turns out this site offers a free service whereby they aggregate for you, on a weekly, bi-weekly or daily basis (your call) a list of clothing, shoes, and accessories that are on sale.  WHAT!?  I know.  It’s like a dream.

Basically, you create an account and chose your favorite designers or stores (from a HUGE list) you’re interested in.  Then Shop it to Me sends you an email containing a list of items that are on sale.  When you click on an item that interests you you’re taken directly to the vendor for that item, so you’re not buying anything from Shop it to Me.  This site, essentially, gets rid of the need to do your own bargain shopping.  It’s mind boggling.  Where can I buy stock?

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