Sequins Everywhere!

Over the past several weeks I’ve noticed a very awesome trend taking hold…SEQUINS!  They’re everywhere and I’m loving it!  I went to see New Moon (aka vampire crack) Saturday night with a friend.  After we had sopped up the drool from watching a bare-chested Jacob for several hours, we hit the mall for a bit of shopping. Almost every clothing store we went into had several items covered in sequins. We saw everything from casual T-shirts to stunning cocktail dresses.  Below are just a handful of my faves!

A cute skirt! (It’s navy blue, which is hard to make out in the picture.)

A versatile tank to dress up or down:

Perhaps the most amazing dress ever:

A cool sequined sweatshirt:

Do you think a sequined blazer is acceptable work attire?

A nice hint of sequins if you just can’t go head-to-toe:

A cute, casual T-shirt:

As for that sequined mini-dress, it seems indulgent to buy this for myself this time of year, but I know it’s one of those things I’ll regret not buying if I don’t.  Dontcha just love that justification?

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  1. Ma

     /  December 2, 2009

    You know how I feel! You’ll look smashing in it.


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