I literally JUST found out about this.  So, if for some reason it’s bogus and crappy, please keep in mind that this post is impulsive to be sure. 

I do a lot of online shopping.  Now, let me be clear, I don’t buy much.  But boy, do I love to browse all sorts of things online.  It’s like windown shopping from the comfort of my couch under my new Snuggie.  Yeah, I said it.  Yeah, I own one.  And it’s magnificent.

Anyway, when I’m out there in cyberspace browsing and I come across something cool I like, I usually set-up a wishlist and drop my find in there for later reference.  I mean, when I win the lottery, I’m gonna need ideas on how to spend my hard earned, ahem, cash.  I have so many random wishlists (an IT guy’s nightmare, I’ll bet) that I can’t keep track of them all.  Sometimes I’ll forget about one for months on end and happen upon it one day and go, “Wow.  What on this list did I like again?”  See, so it’s a good thing I just browse and don’t buy 9 out of 10 times.

And there are a lot of crappily programmed wishlists out there that make actually using them very difficult.  I almost wonder what the meetings were like when Gap (and therefore Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athlete, and Piperlime) sat down to discuss with a programmer how they’d like their wishlist to work.  “Hey new guy, let’s make this new level of interaction something people will be excited about using for convenience purposes and then make it so anti-intuitive and hard to use that they consider boycotting us.” “Great idea, Bill.  It’ll cost you $30,000 to develop.”

Today I was adding some books to my Amazon wishlist and this button comes up telling me about Amazon’s Universal Wish List.  I was as awe-inspired as a man receiving a universal remote.  Essentially, you drag and drop this button to your browser bar.  When you see something you like on ANY site, you just hit this button and that item is automatically added to your Amazon wish list.  Do you get it? Isn’t it brilliant? It also helps that Amazon’s wishlist is extremely easy to use.  I already love it and now I’ll never have to deal with other subpar options. And,  now only have to maintain one wishlist and I can send it to people, hi mom, when they ask for gift ideas.  Sheer brilliance.

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  1. I heard about this a few months ago and have been using it for my Christmas list this year. It really is brilliant! You can add stuff from Etsy which is my favorite part! Love it!


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