Favorite Site of the Week: ModCloth

I came across ModCloth via another site I’ll post about soon.

What I like about ModCloth is that they have some really cute, and sometimes unusual, clothes and accesories.  I don’t feel like their stuff is overpriced and it’s really easy to browse the site. They’ve got everything from adorable Betsy Johnson dresses, which are pricier for sure, to equally as cute items for one quater the cost. It’s a great place to shop for gifts, casual attire, evening wear, or that must-have holiday party dress!

1.    A-List Actress Dress – $49
2.    Shine Fever Capelet – $62.99
3.    With a Dream and a Cardigan – $49.99
4.    Peek-A-Boo Petal Dress – $485
5.    Unicorn Princess Heels – $119.99
6.    Chain Mail Bangle – $15.99
7.    Lady Chatterley Dress – $99.99
8.    Crafty Commodore Vest – $34.99
9.    In Full Bloom Necklace – $27.99
10.  Taste for Luxury Heels – $67.99

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