Etsy Shop of the Week: Bonzie

I’ll be honest, the likelihood of me ever actually buying something from Bonzie is minimal.  So why the hell am I writing about it then?  Because I absolutely love to browse this site – it reminds me of playing dress-up as a kid.  Plus, there might be some of you out there who would love to take a peek as well and might just be the type to sport this kind of attire.  I suppose I would if I were in some sort of fairytale wedding or something like that. All of her stuff looks like it belongs on a runway in Paris.  Those fashion shows crack me up!  I mean, who other than Carrie Bradshaw wears this stuff in real life?  And hell, Carrie Bradshaw ain’t real life at that.  Nevertheless, I think this shop is beautiful, inspirational, and just plain fun to look at! Although, I might just wear that blazer below!

1. Signature Bridal Skirt – $750
2. Rich Poppy Red Dupioni Raw Silk Wrap – $79
3. Golden Yellow Raw Silk Venetian Ruffled Shoulder Wrap – $110
4. Romantic Pewter Grey Velvet Spring Blazer – $270
5. Ivory Fallen Angel Ruffled Bridal Bolero – $170
6. Apple Green Dupioni Raw Silk Wrap – $79

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing our work with your blog readers! Your honesty is really refreshing and we appreciate your kind words about our work. :)

    Hope you continue to enjoy our site and our future styles.

    Have a fabulous christmas!

    • My pleasure! I really do like looking at the lovely things you create. You are extremely talented!

      Merry Christmas to you as well!

  2. that apple green silk wrap is DIVINE! you’d look gu-UD in it.

  3. you’re going to let that stop you?

    • Well, you do have a point…I could just wear it around the house with my nighty like a crazy cat lady! No offense to crazy cat ladies and whatnot.

  4. Oh my dear girl! This is the sort of garment that one wears wherever the hell she wants to – because she can.

    • Yeah, might be a bit odd in a work meeting, though. Or at the grocery store. Or buying gas. Or at a bowling alley. Basically, I think you’re full of it! :)

  5. So. The green silk wrap would have looked smashing with the sequined dress, no?


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