Savings Galore!

I’m a savings hound.  I love to find a good deal. But, my mom taught me well.  Just because it’s on-sale doesn’t mean you need to buy it. 

That aside, when I do have to purchase something, I try to make sure I’m getting the best price possible. Sometimes I say, “Screw it!” and go for ease, especiallly when I’ve run out of something or need something ASAP.  But I’ve found that with a little advanced planning, I can generally avoid that sitaution.  Hell, when I do the grocery shopping (once a week with a list based off of a meal plan – micro manager anyone?), I go to three, count them, THREE different stores to make sure I get the best price. Luckily they’re all pretty close together so I’m not wasting gas.

Where is this diatribe leading?  Vitacost! Vitacost is a great place to buy cosmetics, vitamins, supplements, herbs, skincare, pet stuff, food, clothes…I could keep going but the list would get out of control.  Basically, this place is like a discount Walgreens, Costco, Vitamin Cottage, Whole Foods, etc. online.

For example, did you know that Dr. Bronner’s has over 100 products?  Yeah, it’s shocking to me, too.  I thought he just made that awesome soap.  Apparently he makes lip balm, shaving gel, and lotion as well. At Vitacost, I can buy a gallon of that awesome soap for $32.07, which is 38 percent less than the normal retail price.  It’s like heaven on Earth to someone like me.

I use Mychelle skin care products (more on them another time), and buy it all at Vitacost, unless, of course, I don’t properly plan ahead.  You can’t find her products cheaper than on Vitacost. Trust me, I’ve looked.

You can even set-up auto-shipments on your favorite stuff, which really defrays that last minute shopping.  I can’t believe I haven’t done this yet!

You get the point.  And hopefully you’ll check-out Vitacost and see if you can save some sweet moolah on your favorite products.  Let me know what you think!

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