Utterly Disgusted and Oddly Uplifted

This post right here is the essence of why I started this blog.  Sure the Etsy posts and recipes are fun, but to share a vital resource (and no, I’m not exaggerating) with others is really why I blog.

I recently watched King Corn, and I’m pretty well read, so I’m not completely in the dark about the evil in our food.  But last night we watched Food Inc., which takes it to a whole other level.  I literally sat there with my mouth hanging open in shock for most of the movie, pausing often to turn to the manfriend and say, “WTF!?”

It goes beyond what they’re putting in our food (ammonia, really?), the poor treatment of animals, and the poor treatment of workers.  The corruption in our political and legal system that allows all of this to exist and persist is disheartening.  I’d love to go into more details and really rant here, but there are these awful things called “veggie libel laws” that have me scared.  If you think I’m joking, I’m not.  Sadly enough.

It’s completely disgusting to me what we are doing to ourselves and the reasons why. Food is a base need. Good food is important for good health. Good health seems like a no-brainer. And yet we are, for the most part, blind to, or indifferent to, all of the harm our food is doing to us. We really are our own worst enemies. It’s for that reason that I felt so mad and sad watching this movie.

But then I started to feel uplifted.  Movies like these and books like The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and countless others, are starting to shed light on what a corrupt and unhealthy place our supermarkets are. And change is starting to happen. People are starting to demand better, healthier products and the producers are responding. Heck, Walmart of all places is starting to stock organic food.

The fact that we have, in essence, a two party system in this country makes the concept of democracy laughable. Couple that with an electoral college and it feels like an individual’s vote is a mere trifle. But the fact that we’re a capitalist country gives us, the consumer, a powerful voice. Think about it, if we stop purchasing poorly-made, gas guzzling cars the car manufacturers will begin to supply us with well-made, efficient cars. After all, they want to make money and so they produce what the market demands.  The same is true of our food.

When I started eliminating wheat and dairy almost two years ago, the alternative options were sparse. Now Betty Crocker makes gluten-free cake mixes and Budweiser offers wheat-free beer. Amazing!

So, it stands to reason that we can vote loud and clear with our dollar. Where and how we chose to spend our money has big clout in this country. If we start to purchase only grass-fed beef and organic products without high fructose corn syrup and other ungodly additives, that’s what we’ll start to see more of in our stores, and at reasonable costs.

All I can say is that I am SO grateful to live in an area where wholesome food is widely available and that the manfriend and I can afford to pay for it. I know that’s not the case for everyone, but a shift is happening. Get out there and make your choice known by buying local, organic, and grass-fed!

*Annie steps down from soap box.

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  1. AMEN!!!!


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