Favorite Site of the Week: Boden

I love this site and their clothes.  I’ll admit that sometimes I think the clothes are a bit too modest, but modest is coming back in fashion, or so I’m told.

I’ve received a few of their catalogs and find myself dog-earring things right and left (literally and figuratively). I will say I was a bit hesitant featuring them here because sometimes I think their prices are a bit ridiculous. I wouldn’t say I’m a cheapskate, but $98 for a skirt I’m not likely to wear all that often because it’s not super versatile seems a bit much to me. But that same skirt for $64?  Hell yes! Which is why it’s so great that they’re having a huge sale!

1. Henley Knit Tunic$88 $52
2. Satin Trim Top$98 $58
3. Party Flats$128 $84
4. Velvet Applique Skirt $98 $64
5. 60’s Knitted Dress$108 $70
6. Ravishing Ruffle Jacket$168 $110
7. Pencil Skirt$78 $55
8. Silk Cascade Skirt$128 $99

* P.s. all their clothes are in UK sizes, so make sure to check the size chart.  It’s a tad cornfusing.

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