Favorite Site of the Week: Use Real Butter

I like to cook.  Not love, like.  But I really only like to cook when I have time to really immerse myself in it. So the day-to-day cooking after a long day at work holds no joy for me. When I was single and living alone, that pretty much meant I ate cheese quesadilla’s or pb&j’s. Now that I live with the manfriend, I eat much better. He enjoys cooking and is good at it. I’m lucky, I know.

But, I LOVE to look at beautiful pictures of food and read recipes. And, like I said, when I have the time, I enjoy cooking and I’m pretty good at it. The site I’m featuring today, Use Real Butter, is so much fun to visit. She features her amazing photography (not only of food, but beautiful Nederland and Boulder, Colorado) and amazing, and often complex, recipes. Honestly, I’m not sure I have as much patience, or time, but I sure do like to peruse her site!

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