Etsy Shop of the Week: Women’s Clothes

So apparently I find it really hard to stick to profiling just one shop all the time.  It’s just that Etsy has so much to offer!

I don’t know about you, but I love to give gifts to friends and loved ones.  And sometimes I love to give gifts to myself.  Perhaps an odd notion, but think about it – you see something you really like but you have absolutely no way to justify it’s purchase other than you want it (please, no whining).  This is where making it a gift to yourself can work! Now, I don’t advocate doing this on a regular basis – I’m not here to enable your compulsive spending (or am I?).

Take last year around this time, for example.  I’d just written an article about this woman who designs the most amazing jewelry. While interviewing her, I fell head-over-heels in love with a necklace she had for sale. I puzzled and puzzled until my puzzler was sore and then I bought it. And I’ve never regretted the purchase, although it was kind of a big one.

So, below is some inspiration from several Etsy shops for gifts for yourself. It’s been quite and year and you, undoubtedly, deserve it! And what better way to spend some cash than putting it into the pocket of another individual and not towards Macy’s bottom line (no offense, Macy’s). Plus how else are you going to spend that holiday cash you just got?

1.    Vintage Mexican style tunic blouse (additional colors avail.) – $35
2.    Flora lace jacket – $100
3.    Felted fine merino wool wrap (additional colors avail.) – $90
4.    Turquoise scarf with flowers – $48
5.    Tiger Lily moccasins – $129
6.    Orchid top – $69
7.    Zipper rosette and broach sweater top (additional colors avail.) $85
8.    Samantha beanie – $35
9.    Apple Skirt – $65
10.  Romantic wrap top (additional colors avail.) – $75

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