Etsy Shop of the Week: Big Rings!

I absolutely love big jewelry, specifically big rings. It’s not that I like big glitzy rings. I don’t think I’ll ever be the type of gal to sport a giant diamond or anything like that – it just makes me feel uneasy and doesn’t feel natural. But, a big silver ring? You bet! In fact, I wear a giant silver ring on my right middle finger pretty much every day (I swap it out for a giant gold one when necessary) and I get tons of compliments on it. It’s like my security blanket.

So, this post is about big, beautiful rings I’ve found on Etsy. I generally try to feature one item from a store in a post, but there are a couple items from a few stores in this post simply because I really like the rings. So, sorry for the lack of variety. I encourage you to go pounce your way through Etsy  if you want some more options or are looking to kill some time.

1.   Carnelian ring – $130
2.   The Garden Diva ring – $198
3.   Rutilated quartz, yellow gold, and palladium – $498
4.   Escape me Never ring – $75
5.   Farrah ring – $75
6.   Butterfly Landing ring – $165
7.   Poppy Jasper ring – $118
8.   Constellation/Diamond ring (one for every astrological sign) – $118

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  1. Lisa Staley

     /  January 7, 2010

    Hi Annie! LOVE the blog! I read all the way back to October…all on my little phone screen, no less. Keep up the great work, lil sis!!


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