Site of the Week: A Great Leap in the Dark

I was turned on to the blog A Great Leap in the Dark by Apartment Therapy.  Because of the “apartment” in its title, Apartment Therapy routinely has posts related to small and alternative living spaces.  Keith and April’s home definitely fits the bill there.

Keith and April decided to move back to her hometown in rural Idaho and take up residence on her parent’s land.  The goal was to build a “tiny house” – one that would allow them to fulfill some of their goals like living a environmentally conscious life, growing their own food, enjoying nature, and reducing their costs enough so they only have to work part-time. All very noble and worthwhile goals.  Goals many of us share, but don’t have the nerve to act upon because, let’s be honest, we just don’t want to make the sacrifices and undergo the process of problem solving necessary to house two humans and two large dogs in a 200 square foot space. Not to mention what that means in a materialistic society. Apparently there’s an entire movement around tiny homes (you can learn more here).

I’ll admit it, I live in a home with 1,800 square feet with just the manfriend and it feels cramped sometimes. 200 square feet is hard to imagine.  These guys must really get along well! But there’s something so freeing about the idea of setting aside the desire to acquire and expand and embrace a simpler life.

I find their story inspirational and their solutions to living in a small space inventive and intriguing. Their story really is about taking a great leap and trusting that it will all work out. Having read their blog, they’ve had their share of ups and downs, twists and turns, but they’re doing what they set out to do and creating a concious life.

In order to jump into their story a little better, here are a couple of posts you might want to start out with: Catch You Up and Why are You Here. If you don’t agree with their beliefs or lifestyle, you might just try looking at the fun pictures on their site and take some inspiration from their clever use of space.

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  1. Lisa Staley

     /  January 14, 2010

    Thought-provoking and inspirational to say the least…Are they planning to have children in the near future?


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