Etsy Post of the Week: A Unique Bride

It’s that time of year when gals who got engaged over the holidays are starting to plan for the big day, so this post is for you!

I’ve never been married in the sense that I stood up in front of a group of loved ones and declared my intentions.  I’ve never worn the white dress or stressed over planning a wedding.  But, I’ve been married enough to have to get a divorce.  Odd?  Yes, indeed.  Colorado is one of 12 states that still sees common-law marriage as a legally binding situation that requires a divorce.  Imagine my delight in getting to tell family members, who had been leaning on me and my ex to get married for years, that not only was I married, but that I’d been married for almost six years and had to get a divorce.  Ha ha blerg.

To be honest, I’m not really the type to do the whole big wedding thing. I don’t, by any means, judge those of you who are down for the whole fairytale scenario. To each their own, whatever floats your boat, etc. If I do ever get married, it will likely be a very low-key event (more likely an elopement followed by a BBQ at a later date). So don’t get your feelings hurt if your not invited. I’m guessing few, if anyone other than myself and the dude, will be. Now, having said all that, if I get married, I’m not be the type to walk into David’s Bridal and pulling something off the rack.  Again, no judgment here – just stating my own preference. I would want something original, unique, and very me. That’s, of course, where Etsy steps in!

Below is a grouping of some really cool bridal stuff I found on Etsy. If you, like me, are more down for something unique and original you might find something that really gets your juices flowing. Or maybe you’re not planning a wedding and just like to look at pretty things!

1.   Curve of Dreams headpiece – $65
2.   Dreamy Day wedding dress – $1,680
3.   Heirloom Vintage and Beaded Lace garter – $69
4.   Bridesmaids Wristlets – $35
5.   Flower Sash – $54
6.   Pearl necklace – $95
7.   Blushing in Pink dress – $840
8.   Flower Girl basket – $78
9.   Accent Flower – $20
10. Ring Bearer pillow – $55
11. Birdcage Veil with Flower – $94
12. Bridal hair pins – $30

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