A Wall of Green

It used to be that I couldn’t keep a plant alive to save my life. Now, I’m like a crazy cat lady, but with plants. Never cats. I’m not a cat person. Choosing to own a cat is like choosing to live with an asshole. I know because my family owned a lot of cats in my youth. 95% of them are jerks. I apologize to those of you who love cats, this is just my opinion and no judgment of you personally, just of cats.

Okay, back to plants. I’m not sure why, but in the last 3 years I’ve started collecting plants like nobody’s business. I’m particularly fond of succulents. They’re so cute and diverse in their foliage. Whenever I go into a gardening center, whether it be the Flower Bin in Longmont or Home Depot, I find it very hard not to leave without a plant. I swear I can hear them talking to me.  “Hello kind lady!  Won’t you take me home? I’m quiet and cute and will clean your air!” Boom, in the cart they go.

Here’s the issue. I live in a house with minimal direct light. We get a fair share of indirect light, but not the direct light I need for those succulents who play my heartstrings so aptly. The good news is that I have a south-facing office with three windows. My office is quickly becoming overrun and I love it. The other good news is that I’m learning the important lesson of buying the right plants given the environment you can provide. Again, it’s like pets. I can’t provide an environment for a pet where walking on the counters is expected, shitting in a box in the confines of my home is acceptable, and clawing my furniture is the norm. Catch my drift?

So, now my house gets plants like Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, Peace Lilies, and ferns while the office gets String of Pearls,  String of Buttons, and Jades.

In my fiendish quest for more and more plants, I came across Wooly Pockets. Essentially, you nail these suckers to your wall and put plants in them thereby creating a living wall. The fabric they’re made of keeps the wall dry, so there’s no worries there and they can be used inside or out.  They also sell regular planters for horizontal surfaces, but I’m quickly running out of those surfaces, so it’s time to take my obsession vertical.

Once I paint the walls in my kitchen, I’m going to hang two rows of three and plant them with luscious low-light lovers.  I can think of no better art piece. And these little beauties will whisper to me as I walk by, “Hello kind lady. I spent the day just hanging here looking great. I did not lick myself incessantly and then cough a hair ball up on your duvet. Oh, and I won’t attack your feet when you walk by and then expect you to feed me.”

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  1. I absolutely love the idea . . .just some questions.
    So, the wooly pockets hold the plant and keep it safe from the wall . . . but what about watering them? Does the water ever leak on the floor or wall? I’m guessing that when the plants get too big, you have to transplant them to a bigger pot? Have you had any problems with them?
    Thanks for your idea!! Hope you’re doing great!

    • Hey! I haven’t actually hung any yet so I’m not entirely sure. You can buy them lined for indoor purposes (they swear they won’t leak) or unlined for outdoor purposes. When you water them, you water close to the front of the pocket and the pocket wicks the water through all the soil. As for transplantation I suppose you could, or just let them get root bound. Glad you like the idea and hope all is well with you guys!

  2. By the way —-did you happen to see the random nude lady on the woolypocket.com website??? Hilarious!

  3. Ha! You are so funny-thanks for making me laugh. Fantastic idea!


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