Aging gracefully

I was out in Boulder this past weekend and saw a sad and scary thing. This poor woman had had so much plastic surgery that I doubt she was even a shadow of her former self. I had to ask myself, not only who does this to them self, but who (as in a surgeon) does this to someone else? I mean, it looked like every square inch of her face had been modified, not to mention what’s probably been done to the body she had wrapped up and shielded from the 15 degree temps.

It’s a fact in this country that the standards placed on women to look good and age well are high. And it’s a fact that this same standard does not necessarily apply to men. Not that at matters as most men I know get better with age. Take the manfriend, for example, he just gets better with every passing year. My dad? Going on 75 and looking great!

It seems unfair to me that this double standard exists and unfair to me that men seem to get the long end of the stick on this one. It’s like men who have really great hair and shave their heads (such a waste), or men with really amazing eyelashes (lucky). We watched Couples Retreat the other night. While it was entertaining, it started to grate on me that all the women in the movie were young, fit, and attractive while their male counterparts were out of shape, older, and looking a bit beat down. Not that I should be surprised, I suppose, considering that we’re surrounded by these images of what beauty is and it seems to always be young, fit, and attractive. Nice double standard, Hollywood.

Therefore, women do some crazy, and sometimes despicable, things to themselves to project that image. Now, I’m not advocating not taking good care of yourself or letting it all go by the wayside. That would be very hypocritical of me considering I have my vanities too. Just wait until I blog about all the skin crap I use! And I’m not saying that plastic surgery is the ultimate evil. I think there are very valid reasons for it. I just don’t think that using it as a way to make yourself look completely different is a good plan. My point here is that it’s important to take good care of yourself in an effort to age gracefully and not just rely on plastic surgery to “make it all better” or erase poor decisions and poor health.

Let’s pointficate about Madonna, or Nicole Kidman, or Meg Ryan for a second. Some would say they look pretty good for their age. But what would they look like without the cheek implants, mircodemabrasion, and botox? In my opinion, they’re all about one surgery away from downright scary. Instead, let’s talk about Helen Mirren or Meryl Streep. Classy, beautiful, graceful, natural. They look great, dress appropriately, and are the model we should all be following.

So there you have it, ladies, another challenge for us. Leave me some comments below letting me know what you think and who inspires you to age gracefully.

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  1. Erin F

     /  March 22, 2010

    I will agree that the preponderance of humans who seem to have absolutely effed themselves up with plastic surgery seem to be female. Here’s a great look at some horrifying surgery results, and #18-20 are respectively Burt Reynolds, Carrot Top and Mickey Rourke. I think the number one prerequisite for doing this to yourself is vanity.

    • You have a valid point. Those dudes are horrifying! Some how, when plastic surgery goes wrong or too far, the men almost end up looking worse than the women.

  2. Erin F

     /  March 22, 2010

    I forgot to mention that Michael Jackson is #3 on the same list. He totally should be #1.

  3. myriiiam

     /  March 22, 2010

    Hi there! Very interesting post you got. I agree with what you said about women and society. Society has a very critical role, and pressures all women, directly or indirectly by focusing on their outside.
    But i also wanted to point out, that it has a great deal with the person too. It depends on whether the person is insecure and not confident about the way he/she looks. Some people refuse to do surgery because they want to stay natural and don’t care about other people; some do it to fix a drawback they had on their face/body, and some go over the top because they are searching for perfection and nothing is ever good enough for them-it’s a matter of psychology.

    Anyway, sorry for the long comment! :)

    • Hi there! No need to apologize – thanks for taking the time to comment. You make very valid points. Self esteem and individuality does factor in here in a major way, no denying that. I just hope we can reach a place where aging is seen as beautiful and the natural course of things, and not something we need so desperately to fight against.


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