Etsy Shop of the Week: Spruce Jewelry

Man, that Kat Marhefka works fast! Just the other day I was promising to blog about her when her new site came online and here it is (there’s a link to her Etsy site right off her homepage)!

I’m super excited about this for a number of reasons. One – I’m a big fan of her jewelry and have been since I was first introduced to it by a mutual friend in 2008. Two – Kat has become a friend of mine and I’m so pumped for her and the growing notoriety she’s experiencing. Three – I wrote a fair bit of her website content (she went in and did a great job at personalizing it to really reflect her and her tone) and it always thrills me to see my words out there. Egotist? Eh, just my little way of participating I guess.

I first wrote about Kat the end of 2008 after I’d purchased a few pieces, one of which I custom ordered. Since then, she’s just been growing and expanding and become more awesome. What I really like about her work is that it can be either complex or simple while maintaining the same impact. There’s really nothing else out there like it. Not that I’ve come across, at any rate. And the complete beauty of her pieces really comes through when they’re being worn because of they way they interact with and highlight the body. This is jewelry that needs to be worn to be admired, not just something pretty to look at. Like the website says, this is wearable art. And it meets that not-so-high-priced-it-makes-you-gag marker that’s important to me. And it’s important to Kat, too, which makes me like her even more!

Below are some of my faves from her Etsy shop and then a few I like from her gallery. Pretty neat, huh?

1. Fig Spry – $20
2. Dipsomaniacal – $52
3. Honey Cluster – $180
4. Acumen – $20
5. Salutation – $50
6. Tipsy – $18

And from her gallery:

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