Foxy Blunt

I’ve mentioned before that I like sending cards to people. Yes, I know there are online services for that these days and that using one of those is more ecologically responsible. And while I appreciate receiving communication from people in all forms, when someone takes the time to send a card, I really feel important because I know it can be time consuming to go pick something out, fill it out, and mail it. That is if you have the right address and don’t have to contact three people to get it first! Basically, sending actual paper cards can be a pain. But I think it’s so worth it.

Sometimes I go the sappy, “cheesy” (manfriend lingo – he hates cheesy) route, but not usually. My sister’s really good at those. She’s brilliant when it comes to getting a simple card and then writing something that will surely make you cry inside. My dad’s also good at picking out good emotional cards that have a lot of meaning. I mostly prefer to make you smile or crack up.

So when I came across Foxy Blunt I knew I’d be ordering up some cards for my stash. See, it’s important to have a stash of cards on hand so you’re not caught off guard. Honestly, I have a whole system for keeping track of birthdays and crap and when cards need to go out to get there on time, etc. It’s a real process. And I sometimes mess it up and forget. Hey, I’m only human.

Anyway, these cards look all sweet and endearing. And then you read them. Awesome and unassuming!

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