Etsy Shop of the Week: Spun

I’m going on a much needed beach vacation soon (27 days and counting). I’m trying hard not to blow a bunch of money before I leave on vacation clothes. I started to get a head of myself a few months back and made a list of things I needed (yes needed, or so I thought) to buy before we leave. And then I assessed my closet. Yeah, I already own a ton of sundresses and the like so I scratched those off the list. Bathing suits? Check. Flip flops? Got ’em. And so it went scratching things off. Acknowledging what I already have and not going out and blowing a bunch of money on things I don’t really need is a somewhat new concept to me. I was very proud of myself and it felt good to widdle that list down to just the essentials.

And then I came across Spun. I love their stuff! It’s perfect for vacation and perfect for summer. See? That’s how I justify it. Buying something I know I’ll pretty much just use for vacation or just use occasionally is something I can’t really justify. But if I can see myself using it a bunch, well then I’m on it!

I bought a dress similar to what you’ll find at Spun last fall. I wore the heck out of it while the days were still warm and long and can’t wait to pull it out again this year. So, I figured why not add to that collection a bit? Yes, some of the shapes are akin to a potato sack and may not be all that flattering, but when the thermometer measures anywhere above 80, flattering goes out the door and cool, comfort is all I care about. But if the potato sack quality really bugs you, imagine pairing these clothes with cute sandals and a belt and there you have it! Oh, and sorry for the creepy mannequins. Just focus on the clothes.

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Items range in price from $39 to $49.

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