She is…the most interesting woman in the world.

Yeah, so the title is a spoof off of those hilarious Tecate Light beer radio spots. But I’m not entirely joking. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever met a more complex, contradictory, interesting person in my admittedly short life.

The woman I speak of is Sylvia Pelcz-Larsen, but to everyone who knows me, she’s my crazy acutonics lady. Acutonics is essentially acupuncture with tuning forks. The concept being that the vibration from the tuning forks can travel deeper and further along a meridian (meridians are energetic lines that run through our bodies) than a needle can. The explanation is very pedestrian and not entirely Sylvia sanctioned, but hey, it’s the best I can do and I know it makes sense to us plebs. And all I really need to know is that I like it, it mellows me out, it puts things in perspective, it keeps me feeling energetic, and when I’m not seeing Sylvia regularly, I feel pent-up and stressed out.

I first met Sylvia when I was an intern at the Daily Camera. My editor assigned me to write about her. “Great,” I thought. “Some weirdo Boulder hippy. And now I’m gonna have to sit there, interview her, and pretend like she’s not creeping me out.” Well, she is a weirdo Boulder hippy, sorta, but she totally did not creep me out. In fact, she completely fascinated me. I described her in the article as an intelligent version of Phoebe from “Friends”.¬† And that still applies. She’s a very smart, tuned in woman who wears all sorts of fun jewelry, (which I’m hoping to convinced her to give me when she’s old and decrepit), rhinestone 50’s styled glasses, cowboy boots (no wonder I love her), and lives in a home with about 1,000 plants (again, a kindred spirit). I’ve been a client of hers for about four years and am delighted that she and I have also built a friendship in that time.

My all-time favorite quote comes from Sylvia:
“The trick to growth is not stepping out on a limb, but trusting the branch will materialize under your feet as you step into thin air.”

That’s a pretty bold way to live your life. Sylvia is there. I’m not. But I’m getting there and it’s because of her, the time I’ve spent with her, and the ways that her modality has opened me to things in life that I might never have known about if I’d not met her. She’s become a profound person in my life and has had an instrumental role in helping me grow from the girl I was when I met her, to the woman I am now. Am I gushing? Sorry.

When I decided to finish my degree and chose to do so in Journalism, the end goal was to be, duh, a writer. At the time, I thought that meant a writer of fiction. Somehow getting a degree in creative writing seemed like about as much sense as a degree in sociology. Sorry to you out there with sociology or creative writing degrees, but honestly, what the hell do you do with one of those? I mean, really? So I picked journalism because it seemed like the adult, responsible choice and being that I was 27 at the time, that felt right. Journalism classes coupled with the class I took in fiction writing, where I learned that writing that shit is hard, I came to realize that what I really like doing is getting to know people, hearing their stories, and then telling them to others. So when I do become a bonafide writer (or does blogging count?), I will likely write biographies about other people. Sylvia will be my first endeavor. If she’ll consent, of course. Problem is, I know where she lives (big mistake, Sylvia) and I know that I can bribe her with pretty things. I’ll wear her out eventually.

In the meantime, if you’d like to get to know her personally and experience this amazing thing called acutonics, you can reach her at 303-417-1412 or via her site at Tell her I sent you!

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  1. Faith

     /  September 2, 2015

    hahaha, that quote from Sylvia is right on!!! Good friend from high school. Next time you see her, tell her ‘Faith says hi’


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