Oh, the things you can do with honey!

I try desperately to stay away from refined sugar. I’m not always successful. Not by a long shot. Just ask my co-worker who’s candy jar I pillage on a regular basis. But when I’m at home, where we don’t have refined sugar at all, I leave it to honey or agave to sweet my tea or baked goods, which we don’t eat all that often either. The baked goods, that is, not the tea. I LOVE tea.

Anyway, I recently came across this interesting article on all of the amazing uses for honey on lifehackery.com, which is a wonderful, informative site. I recently managed to talk the manfriend into using honey instead of Neosporin on a nasty cut and it worked great! I’ve also used honey to soothe a sore throat and it seems to give a nice, sweet coating to a tender throat. But to know that ingesting helps the immune system, the digestive track, anxiousness and stress, energy levels, and blood flow while preventing parasites, cancer, and heart disease makes me feel even less guilty about using it.

Heck, maybe we should start an apiary in the backyard! Throw in the chickens we’ve been contemplating, the unintentional new pet, the intentional new pet (pending), a large garden, various other wildlife and it’ll be a regular zoo/farm back there. Ah, hippidom here we come!

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