May I have your opinion, please?

I love clothes. I don’t love to shop. There are people, women mostly I would wager, who include shopping as a hobby and love to spend hours tooling around a mall. I’d rather crawl on crushed glass. I do, however, like to shop online. It allows me to take part in one of my favorite hobbies, which is sitting on my ass drinking tea. Ha!

The downside of online shopping is that you can’t try things on. So you run the risk of things arriving that are atrocious and then you have to send them back, which is a pain. But none of this makes mall shopping seem more appealing to me. I ordered something last year for my little brother’s wedding that looked amazing online! When it arrived I was astounded at just how bad it was in person. I tried it on and started laughing. “Check this out!” I told the manfriend. “Um, it looks like a potato sack. Or a maternity dress,” he said. Pick your chins back up, ladies. I was not offended by these remarks, because he was dead on correct! I should have accounted for the 5’11”, 118 pound model wearing this on the site.

I will admit that, on occasion, I do like to go down to Pearl Street Mall and cruise around. But it’s rare – like once or twice a year rare. When we were in Mexico I wanted to purchase a few things. I had my heart set on a beautiful, hand embroidered dress like the ones that the ladies at the front desk of the hotel were wearing. “Just head down to the markets in town and you’ll find one,” they said. It was grueling, marching from store to store trying to find one that wasn’t ridiculously priced or big enough for two of me. I finally found one just as manfriend was about to throw in the towel and call off the search party. Talk about someone who hates to shop!

I’ve been eyeballing the dresses below since last fall. They look like the perfect options for those hot summer days when you want loose, flowing, and comfortable. I will bet my eyeteeth that they will need to be hemmed. Again, 5’11” model versus 5’3″ me. But what I struggle with is this…is this too much dress, too much fabric, too much poof, for someone who’s 5’3″ and of a, ahem, athletic (aka stocky) build? Will I be swallowed up by these dresses? Help a sister out, ladies! Tell me what you think!

Flowered, long halter dress

Halter Maxi Dress - $55

Crochet maxi dress

Crochet Trimmed Maxi Dress - $79.99

UPDATE: Ya’ll are funny! While I did get some wonderful, constructive, helpful opinions here on the site, many of you must have though I was joking when I asked for your opinion. One coworker gave me her opinion, hesitantly, in the hall at work, while I had to ply an opinion from my mother, which is odd. She was like, “Oh honey, do you really want to know what I think?” “Yes, mother. I asked outright, didn’t I?” “Neither of them. Not for you.” Was that so hard?

Anyway, the consensus was that these dresses were not a good idea. And I heeded that advice and steered clear. I want to thank all of you who participated and helped me out. I really appreciate it! Below are the items I did chose to buy, keeping your opinions and suggestions in mind, and I’m very happy with each of them! Take a look:

Black, short dress

Emma shift dress from Alloy - $32.90

Purple tank dress

Purple tank dress from Target - $15

Purple maxi dress

Patchwork purple maxi dress from Target - $15

Blue and white floral maxi dress

Liberty of London smock top maxi dress from Target - $34.99

And just look at those prices! Man, do I love a bargain. Prices like these meant I got four dresses instead of just two. I’m like a kid a Christmas – quantity over quality, please. At least until I win the lottery (you thought I’d forgotten about that, huh?).

The last one’s maybe a little iffy on the flatter factor, but it’s perfect for backyard BBQs where all I really care about is being comfortable and cool. Plus, it got a thumbs up from the manfriend, which definitely carries weight with me.

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  1. Piper

     /  May 26, 2010

    I hate to say it . . . and experience it as well with a similar body type . . . but I think you know the sad answer – these dresses were made for someone else, if you’re ordering online. But, I will gladly read the possible happy outcome, and probably order the same dress if you find it!!

  2. You’re crushing my dreams here, Piper! lol, Just kidding. I appreciate the honest answer. I knew I could count on you :)

    • Felicia

       /  May 27, 2010

      Annie, you’ve got such cute legs that, even if the dresses look good, you shouldn’t hide them beneath all that fabric. Besides, I think the second model’s hips are actually narrower than her bust, if that’s possible!

  3. Kelly

     /  May 27, 2010

    Not for you, Annie. I’ve tried these on as well and if you’re not blesses with the tall gene, they just don’t work. And then we end up feeling bad about ourselves for no reason at all! If you want to drop some coin on one that makes you feel wonderful, Anthropology never fails me. The Limited and Target can surprise you with fun things this Spring as well.

    • Thanks, Kelly! I guess what I really need to do is bite the bullet and go shopping – in a mall, gasp – to find a few things for summer.

  4. Ma

     /  May 27, 2010

    Here’s what I’ve learned – the hard way. If it looks smashing on a model it will look about 50% less smashing on me. Between their bodies, makeup, lighting, accessories, etc. – they look killer. Get it home and on the bod, and poof – reminds me of playing dress up as a kid. Can’t quite pull it off. :[

    • Good point, ma. Thanks for the opinion. And thanks for making me short. Or is it dad who’s to blame? ;>

      • Ma

         /  May 29, 2010

        Let’s blame my mother (5’2″) and Dad’s Dad (5’8″)

      • Okay, we’ll blame them. But what Pop-Pop and his 6’2″ height?

  5. so Sister, i see you have bought into american marketing

    well its better than some chick making $9/hr, telling you how good you look in an outfit! yeah retail apparel shopping kind of blows
    and like you say the draw back of buying online is imaginary in that you will look the same ( or better) than the model and have to return a potato sack for a mommy

    So i guess that leaves you to …. i know it sounds ridiculous…..MAKE YOUR OWN!

    you took Home Ec, youve always wanted to become more self suffiecient and when somebody asks “Where did you get that?”

    youll tell them MYOB

    well good luck w/ the wardrobe and if you and your manfriend need a little getaway thats not too far to drive but still far enough away from Co….please come visit us , wed love to see you and you would dig SLC and i promise not to take you clothes shopping while here…
    we frequent D I since you asked , its a second hand store run by the LDS church and it rocks!!!

    hope all is good , stay in touch your buddy ~R

  6. Hey Rob! You know, there was a time in this country when people spent good money on tailored clothing made to fit their specific bodies. They bought less, but the quality and fit where there, which seems more important overall. As for sewing, tried it once and I suck at it! Although, I could give it another shot. But with what free time? And thanks for the invite to SLC – we might take you up on that some time! Secondhand is the way to go with 3 little rug rats! Tell Cecile I say hello and keep in touch!


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