Count your blessings

Everyday I write down five things I’m grateful for. Things like:Mini diarys

  • clean water
  • lilacs
  • a man who cooks
  • sleeping in
  • clear, blue skies
  • access to healthy food
  • rain
  • a hug from my nephew

Just the little things in life we might take for granted if we don’t stop and notice them. What I’ve found is that taking five minutes (if that) a day to take note of the things I appreciate makes me feel more positive and abundant. And that just feels plain good!  To me, abundance doesn’t just have to be monetary. There is abundance and prosperity all around us. By sitting up and taking note, we can actually pull more of it to ourselves.

“There she goes with that hippy crap again.” Maybe, but I really do believe this and I believe in mind over matter. I believe that what you ask for in life is what you’ll get. It may take a while to see a return, but it will happen. Take a girl I used to know, for example. She would go on and on about the type of man she DIDN’T want. “Why does this keep happening to me?” She’d ask. “I don’t want a selfish, cheating, asshole and that’s what I keep getting.” I listened patiently for quite a while. I finally said, “Maybe the universe, God, whatever you believe in doesn’t hear the ‘don’t want’ part. Maybe it just hears the selfish, cheating, asshole part and it thinks it’s doing a bang up job giving you what you want. Maybe you should try asking for what you DO want and see what happens.” And guess what? I was right.

All of this diatribe (or rambling) brings me to this wonderful little notebook I saw the other day. It provides a very quick, simple format for taking note of what you’re grateful for and can be purchased at Mini Mart. It even provides suggestions on things to focus your gratitude towards. Things like, “I love the sound of” or, “I love the taste of”. I think it would make a great gift – to yourself or others! It looks like her shop is temporarily closed, but that she’s still accepting orders and will begin shipping them here in a few days. Enjoy!

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