Hush, hush!

I recently read a great article about a traveling dining experience in the Denver metro area. Apparently this is a trend that’s been around for a while, and it’s just now starting in the Denver area. These dinners are usually invitation only, but don’t let that intimidate you or send your snob meter off the Richter. You can go to their site, Hush, and sign up for invites.

What’s nifty is that these dinners showcase some of the great local talent we have and in such unusual places. Places like old warehouses, art museums, gardens, or farms. The goal is to elicit the imagination and talent of the chef by putting them in new and challenging places. I suppose if you cook confined in the same space day in and day out that you might get a little stagnant. The other cool thing is that proceeds often go to charity. I think this sounds like a really fun way to experience four star cuisine in fun places. And it seems like some of the prices are really reasonable.

The next event is on June 20th at the Colorado Best Beef Ranch on Jay Road featuring Chef Tim Payne of Terroir restaurant, which is in Longmont.

If anything, just go check out Hush’s cool website. I particularly like what they have to say on their homepage. It pretty much sums it up.

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