These are the outfit!

I’ve said before (how many times, I’ve lost count) that I like affordable. What I’m about to show you, with a few exceptions, I would not necessarily categorize as affordable. The reason being that these are seriously insane statement pieces that can only be worn here and there. Usually, if I’m going to drop some coin on something it has to be something I’m sure I’ll get a ton of use out of.

But these necklaces are just so darned purty! I couldn’t pass up sharing them here. I mean, these suckers ARE the outfit. Pair one of these with a simple outfit (anything from jeans, a white tee, and sandles to a little black dress) and you have one amazing ensemble!

White and pink floral necklace

Fiona - $50

Grey floral and ribbon necklace

Aubrey - $230

White and grey floral necklace

Vivienne - $180

Multi-color ribbon and floral necklace

Jenesis - $230

White floral and seed bead necklace

Stella - $150

Black and gold floral necklace

Chloe - $80

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