Grapefruit Seed Extract

Yesterday I received a really nice message about my blog from my sister-in-law’s good friend. That’s a mouthful. Anyway, it just made me feel so good. Poor thing is feeling poorly and has an ear ache. It’s remarkable to me when things like ear aches, things we associate with our youth, afflict us as adults. Those m’fers hurt! How did we manage to suffer through those as kids and not totally loose our minds? Oh wait, I know. Because mom was there to sooth us and we didn’t have to do horrible things like cook for ourselves and go to work. Now I get it!

Grapefruit Seed Extract Bottle

Liquid Gold GSE by NutriBiotic

Anyway, it reminded me about this wonderful little remedy I’ve started using recently for a variety of things – grapefruit seed extract (GSE)! The first time I used this was right before a workout. I showed up and my trainer, a beast from hell who conceives of the worst possible things to torture me with, but whom I love and appreciate deeply (Stockholm syndrome, anyone?) made me guzzle down some of this mixed in water to take care of my upset tummy. Apparently “I think I might puke” elicts this response from him, “Great! I’ll take it as a compliment that the workout was hard.” Me: “Um, no, my tummy is upset and has been all afternoon.” Him: “Great! Take this vile tasting stuff and all will be well and then I can kick your ass.” Me: “Um, ha, ha. Greeeaaat.”

Yeah, it tastes pretty bad, but it totally did the trick. And it works for more than just an upset stomach. Apparently it’s great in a neti pot when you think you’re getting sick (kills that crap in the sinus toot sweet) and can be mixed with alcohol and dropped in the ears to help with ear infections, etc. I know, first hand, that it helps with the ear thing. For about the past year I’ve had ear troubles. I was miserably sick in March of 2009, the kind of sick that makes you really consider ending it all, and ever since then my ears just don’t drain properly, which has been causing me some dizziness and general unhappiness. I know, I know, I should go see a doctor. They’ll just put me on antibiotics and I hate that crap. So I tried this GSE trick in there and it worked like a charm!

According to this site, GSE is the world’s most powerful natural antibiotic and the applications of it are many. One thing to note is that you should NEVER, never, ever, never, ever use it full strength. It’s so acidic that it will burn you. Did I make my point? Never, ever. You must dilute it and a little goes a long way. The photo above shows my favorite brand, which you can get at any health foods store or online here. As a side note, I will never travel without this stuff again. While I had the good fortune of staying on Montezuma’s good side in Mexico, a fellow resident at our hotel did not. I loaned her my bottle of GSE and it helped a ton.

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  1. Robin :)

     /  June 24, 2010

    Holy canoli, I’m going to be buying this stuff ASAP! I am so sorry to hear of your ear troubles also, it’s kind of scary when stuff that you are only supposed to have as a child (like you said) attacks us in our adult hood. Like most of us I am not a fan of gnarly tasting things, but if it does the trick then bottoms up! haha. Thanks for the wellness info, you rock!

  2. Hey, thanks! My pleasure! Yeah, it’s pretty damned gross (just warning you), so make sure you slug it down quick and chase it with juice or something. Of course, none of this is an issue if you add it to alcohol and drop it in your ears – ha!

  3. Janae Kratowicz

     /  August 6, 2012

    From time to time, always encounter earaches one way or another. I just remedy this disease by taking antibiotics and of course ear healing oils derived from herbs. .;,`,

    Kind regards

  4. Thanks, Janae! I appreciate the tips!


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