Etsy shops: wedding rings

No, I am not engaged. Let’s just get that out there right off the bat. However, I do love Etsy and all of the amazing and unpredictable things you can find there. Such as cool wedding/engagement rings. They have everything from the traditional to the unusual, which is what I lean towards.

By non-traditional I don’t just mean the entire look of the ring. I also mean the materials made to make the ring. Our society has long subscribed to the notion that a wedding/engagement ring is supposed to be a diamond. I’m sure there’s a very valid explanation for this (“diamonds are forever”, or something like that). If you know the reason, please do share. Personally, I really enjoy running into women with unusual rings – things I’d never have conceived of or have never seen elsewhere.

If I do get married, I’m going to go down one of two paths with the ring. I will either have something highly unusual and unique, or I will follow my sister-in-law, Kim’s, example. She has a slew of relatively inexpensive and unique rings she draws from on a regular basis. That way the ring she’s wearing suits her mood, her attire for the day, etc. It’s a great way to keep things fresh. I mean, I really do wonder about the women who wear the same ring for 50 years. Are they just bored to tears with it? I think back to the ring I would have liked 10 years ago and can’t imagine still liking it today. Know what I mean?

Anyway, below are some cool options I found on Etsy. I hope that either something strikes your fancy, or that this post inspires you to head over to Etsy and poke around for yourself! And no, they don’t pay me for these glowing endorsements.

1.   Oregon Sunstone and recycled 14k gold ring – $1,273.50
2.   14k gold wide ring with diamond – $1,398.00
3.   Damascus and ruby ring – $599.00
4.   White sapphire and rose gold ring set – $1,483.00
5.   Hammered gold and diamond band – $312.50
6.   18k gold and silver wide band – $750.00
7.   Gold, silver and chocolate diamond damascus steel ring set – $675.00
8.   14k palladium white gold and diamond eternity band (set of 3) – $2,767.00

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