Shaving Secret

We’re going to get a little intimate here, people. TMI for sure. But, as I mentioned before, until my father starts reading this blog, I’ll not worry too much about the TMI. The likelihood of him ever doing that is slim to none. Although, he does read all of the articles I write, whether they interest him or not. He’s even gone so far as to learn some journalistic lingo and has told me, “Hey, Ann, the nut graph for your most recent article was great.” That is so cute, I can hardly stand it.

So here goes…I like to keep my, ahem, um, lady bits trimmed and neat. Not as neat as some Brazilians, if you catch my drift. I’ve tried that and I’m not a huge fan. And if I had a better pain tolerance and more disposible income, I’d just go see a waxer. I’m told that the more you do it, the less it hurts. I’m reluctant to test that theory because I fear for the waxer. I find that experience so painful that it’s all I can do not to react physically and punch the poor, sweet woman. Therefore, my alternatives are small clippers to trim things up and a razor for complete removal. The problem? Razor burn. And so, the lady bits don’t get as much love as I would like.

If I can’t manage to time it so that I’m shaving when I can a) wear a long skirt so I can avoid underwear (again TMI for sure), b) avoid tight workout pants that rub and chafe, c) the manfriend and his frisky advances, then I just don’t bother. The red bumps that ensue just aren’t worth it. I’ve tried all sorts of different methods and taken all sorts of advice from all sorts of people. None of it has worked all that well.

However, HOWEVER, I have found a solution. Well, the manfriend found a solution (have to give proper credit). He recently came home with the most ghetto looking bottle of stuff from the most ghetto of places, the craptastic Walmart in South Longmont. It’s called Shave Secret. He’s been using it for a bit and has been raving about the results, so I decided to give it a try the other day. And…it works! No razor burn. I don’t know what this stuff is, but you apply it like they say to, shave away, and the hair comes off effortlessly and leaves no bumps. It’s like a friggin’ miracle!

So, if you have similar issues, you might give this stuff a try. You’re own Wally Mart might have it or you can buy it on the Shave Secret website. Happy shaving!

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  1. you are an interesting lady. I can always count on you for neat finds like this. I might have to risk the ghettoness to try this ;)

  2. Lady? Good god, am I 70 now?! JK. Well, sharing this kind of info is what I’m all about! It really does work well, so it’s worth the ghettoness.


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