Some of my new faves

As a blogger I think it’s important to read other blogs. Not only to support the blogging community, but to get inspiration and entertainment! Plus you can learn some cool things and live vicariously through people a bit.

Take, for example, my friend Melanie and her blog, Not only is her blog a great way to keep up with her, but it’s inspiring too. Melanie started a list to keep track of things she wanted to accomplish in this, her 30th year. Her blog details her exploits in crossing things off the list, as well as other stuff. Recently she added a new feature called Thrift Store Thursday where she’ll show cool things she’s found in thrift stores. I find this particularly fascinating because I would love to love to be into thrift stores. But I just can’t do it, captain! It’s like running. I have dreams where I’m out trail running in the Colorado Rockies, the wind in my hair, birds chirping. But then when I actually do it, I absolutely hate it. The same goes for thrifting. I’m not a huge fan of shopping as it is (unless it’s online, and then I’m a huge fan. Lazy? Probably.) so the idea of having to go in and search and search and search through rack after rack of stuff to find maybe one or two gems seems like a huge effort! But I appreciate people who like to do it and are good at it. Maybe I need to hire Mel as my personal thrift store shopper?

Through Melanie I came to know another blog called The Pleated Poppy. There are a few things I really like about this blog:
1. I love the photos of her house. She’s got such a neat pad!
2. I love the photos of her craft projects, which you can buy here. Much like I would like to be into thrifting, I would love to be a crafty person, but I’m not. So, I’ll live vicariously through Lindsey and her blog.
3. What I Wore Wednesday is a great feature on this blog. I’m not sure how this got started, but every Wednesday she posts photos and details about what she wore over the past week. The reason that I like this is two-fold. 1) She comes up with some pretty cute ensembles that I draw ideas from. 2) All of her clothes are from affordable places like Target, Old Navy, Forever 21. This gal is speaking my language as I believe you don’t have to spend a fortune to dress nicely!

Girls Gone Child is another fave of mine. I became aware of this blog through and her involvement with I’d watch these videos and find myself drawn towards one woman in particular, Rebecca Woolf. So, I started reading her blog. I really like her sense of style, the lovely pictures of her home and kids, and her frank nature. She also has a fun segment called Gone Style, which is where I learned how to apply some cool makeup for a Christmas party. No, you can’t see pictures. While the makeup turned out great, the pics did not.

Anyway, I hope you take a look at these ladies blogs and find at least one you put into rotation!

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  1. awww! You’re one of my faves, too. xoxo


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