Giveaway: JRLY Designs

(And the winner is…Liz! Liz, I’ll send you an email in a bit explaining how to contact Jen to receive your headband. Thanks for participating, everyone!)

I’m so excited to feature my first giveaway!

I met Jennifer Ragan years ago when we were both students at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at CU Boulder. We’ve kept in touch via things like Facebook since we graduated.

Floral HeadbandAnyway, because of the old Facebook, it came to my attention that Jen was selling some really cool stuff on Etsy via her shop, JLRY Designs. So, I included her in a post I did a while back. Just the other day, JLRY Designs was featured on the Today Show (her bit is towards the end)!

The journalist in me got all curious and whatnot so I decided to do a little online interview with Jen:

AB: Have you always been crafty?
JR: I definitely have NOT always been crafty. Interested in the arts and creative in different ways, but not crafty. My mom is by far the most crafty, gifted artist I know in all sorts of different mediums. As are my sister and brother. But that gene never quite rubbed off on me the same way. So I feel like I am coming into my own “craftyness” with this venture.

AB: When did you start making your products and what was the impetus to give this a shot?
JR: JLRY Designs bloomed from a rough patch in my life, and stitched my heart back together in the process. After being laid off from my job in architecture marketing in May 2009, my mother urged me to tap into my creative side to find healing. Starting with earrings and then fabric flowers, my inspiration and love for all things creative quickly returned. While the earrings never really took off online, the flowers seem to be unique enough to bring customers in and back for more.

AB: What is your vision for JLRY Designs?
JR: My vision for JLRY Designs is to keep making beautiful, unique and high quality fabric flower blooms, while branching out in the future. I would love to start sewing and designing my own clutches and handbags to put the flowers on and getting into more bridal wear/accessories and custom orders.

AB: Where do you get the materials to make your products?
JR: Originally from Colorado and now living in Boston, I find inspiration daily in the beautiful flowers, plants and colors that I see on a daily basis. If you’ve ever walked through Boston’s Public Garden or Boulder’s Pearl Street during tulip season, you understand. I feel like a kid in a candy store while picking out new and repurposed/upcycled fabrics for my next creations. I shop mostly at JoAnn’s Fabrics/Hobby Lobby, although I am starting to get into the idea of vintage fabrics more and more.

AB: What makes you most excited about this new venture?
JR: To me, the most exciting part about JLRY Designs is imagining someone receiving my flowers in the mail/as a gift and the smile on their face. What first started as a fun hobby has turned into a lucrative business venture, and I cannot wait to see what happens in the long-run. Being featured on The Today Show is just the beginning, and a really great step toward the future. Eventually, I would love to quit my day job and make it a full time gig, with an online and a real storefront.

So the little hamster in my brain got on it’s wheel and Jen and I have decided to team up and offer a giveaway here to one lucky commenter! The prize is a headband of the winners choice from her Etsy shop. All you have to do is leave a comment letting me know which headband you like and why and I’ll pick a winner at random. The winner will be announced here on my blog on Friday, August 6th.

Yay for pretty, free things! Thanks, Jen!

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  1. it seems unfair for me to comment! But i will! ;) this stuff is too cute. Is it bad that i’m thinking which one my kiddo would like? She could use a sweet headband for back to school ….

    love the blog, and you, as always. xoxo

  2. Now why in the world would it be unfair for you to comment, silly girl? Hey, you win and you can use this for what ever you like!

    Right back attcha, doll! xoxo

  3. Cheryl Walker

     /  July 31, 2010

    Awesome artist!! Love the webstie. I love the one shown above with the hint of deep purple on the teal, reminds me of sunsets here in Colorado. Best of luck to Jenny!

  4. Thanks, Cheryl! I agree – I love the way the purple just edges the teal.

  5. Kenna

     /  August 4, 2010

    These are lovely! I like several but I think my favorite is the Shades of Purple Double. That one would look quite fetching in my hair.

  6. That it would! Good pick, Kenna!

  7. Aimee

     /  August 5, 2010

    I should feature her as the Camera’s Etsy shop of the month next month. ;)

  8. Jillian

     /  August 5, 2010

    First of all, have I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer and she is as sweet as she is talented. I am a crafer myself, and am very excited to have met a fellow co-worker who just recently discovered her crafty side. I think any woman would be lucky to wear one of Jennifer’s beautiful flower headbands or hair pins. I especially like the Dark Plum Double Bloom Skinny Headband as purple is such a great color, very in right now and will look great with any little black dress. I think the colors are so vibrant, they are sure to catch anyone attention, and practically sell themselves. Kudos Jen!

  9. Thanks, Jillian! I like the skinny headbands also. It’s like the band disappears and the flowers take center stage!

  10. Liz

     /  August 5, 2010

    ok here you go, I like the the ivory bridal double bloom skinny headband the best! they are all pretty!

  11. Robin Wilberger

     /  August 5, 2010

    This is my official comment haha, I really like her headband selection, super cute stuff!

  12. Robin Wilberger

     /  August 5, 2010

    Ok so I am what you call an idiot….I totally forgot to mention the ones I like the best! I would have to do my top three as….
    Light Blue with the skinny headband, it would match my eyes…hehe
    The Black flowers with skinny headband would also be amazing, you can wear it with anything :)
    Third, and last, drum roll please….Hot Pink, White and Black with the skinny Headband…it’s so pretty and feminine and amazing!
    Hope that helps my chances haha, woops!

  13. You’re cute, Robin! Any one of these would be darling on you!

  14. Adrienne

     /  August 5, 2010

    Fun! Hot pink and black double bloom for me.


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