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Picture of a complete outfit. It probably comes as no surprise that I love clothes. I do not, however, like to shop. At least not in person. I can, however, shop the hell of some shiz online.

I also like to find a good deal. I recently regaled my mother with my purse win and my father’s reponse was, “Why do women always tell each other what something cost? Do you all really care?” “Hells yes!” was the answer. My theory is that scoring a good deal and then boasting about it is, somehow, justification for buying clothes, accessories, etc. – things that might seem trivial to some, but are important to others. Plus, for me, I just get a kick out of a good deal. I live a modest lifestyle and doing so in style feels pretty damned good.

Now, having said all that, you would think I’d be a thrift store junkie. But, did you forget about the part where I don’t like to shop? So a thrift store is like a nightmare to me. To score a good deal in a thrift store you have to look over every damned thing in there (no cute displays with several colors and several sizes right there all handy-like) and then hope it’s in your size. Ugg. And if you do find something worth your while, snap it up quick. No time to sleep on it. I once left a couch and love seat set in a Salvation Army to sleep on it. I dreamed about the lime green velvet loveliness all night. I went back the next day, early, and they were gone. Gone!

Which brings me to my new favorite site: Fashion Under 100. The author shows you all these cute ensembles and then links out to online stores where you can buy the goods. The whole ensemble costs under $100. Get it? She also takes reader requests and highlights cute outfits worn by celebs and shows us how to recreate the outfit for cheap. Like something you saw on Natlie Portman a while ago? Now you can recreate it for under $100.

It this brilliant, or what?

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  1. that’s cool! i’ll def have to check out that site!!


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