Wherein I wish I could sew

I tried to learn how to sew once. I worked with a really nice lady who sewed and knitted all of her own clothes. She had two whole rooms in her house devoted to sewing. One room had four different machines for the task (I never knew more than one machine existed) and the other room housed bolt after bolt of lovely fabric and a neat cutting table.

The foolish, foolish woman offered to teach me to sew. So we went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and found what I thought at the time was cute fabric and a cute pattern. If this dress had ever come to fruition, I can tell you honestly that I wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole in this day and age.

Anyway, I don’t know if it was that I’m such a bozo behind a sewing machine or that she had control issues, but the dress never got finished. What started out as her teaching me quickly devolved into me watching her sew. My boredom overtook me and the project was suspended.

However, I’ve come across two amazing blogs recently that make me wish I could sew. On Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing the blogess shows us these amazing creations she’s come up with based off of vintage 50’s patterns. I’ll admit I don’t read much of her posts as they contain sewing lingo that eludes me, but I sure do like to look at the pictures. She’s damned talented! Plus, as much as the retro look isn’t for me, I sure do think it looks snazzy.

On New Dress a Day, the blogess is doing something just mind bogglingly cool. She allotted herself $365 for 365 days with the goal of creating a new dress or garment each day. She finds really cheap, often frightening dresses and then recreates them to make something new and cool. Some of her creations are downright inspired. Sometimes the original dress requires a ton of work, and sometimes not as much. Here are my four favorite creations so far: one, two, three, four. Again, a lot of the explanation is meaningless, sadly, to me, but it’s still amazing to watch something old become something new again.

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