We might be in trouble

When we first started talking about getting a dog, the manfriend said he wanted a border collie mix. You know, something really smart. Now, no offense to border collies (I’ve owned a part border myself), but hell no. I asked him, “Are you prepared to exercise the bejesus outta this dog so it doesn’t chew the house down?” Not only do they need an almost inhumane amount of exercise, they need a lot of mental stimulation because they’re so freakin’ smart. However, we also didn’t want a superbly dumb dog (breeds shall go unnamed). A quandary.

Fast forward several months. The manfriend comes home from work where a colleague had brought her dog that day. “I think we need to find a dog that’s friendly and maybe a bit dumb. We don’t want a dog so smart they’re hard to handle.” Agreed.

All of that aside, we knew we’d be getting a mutt from a rescue. There’s only so much you can do with that. We were told Stella’s a hound/rottweiler mix. She could be a 1/4 Dachshund for all we know! My point is that she chose us. She won us over with her amazing face and her sweet charms. We were powerless.

Photo of puppy

Will you just look at that face?

Stella has figured out, on her own, that if she props her bone up on a stuffed animal she can get better chewing leverage. She learned, after being shown once, to sit, let me walk off, come when called and then drop into a sit again. I could go on and on about the rapid learning curve of this dog, who is all of 2 months old.

But this is the coup de grace. The other night she was sitting quietly chewing her rawhide bone. We regularly mess with her – pulling her tail, her ears, etc. while she eats or plays with her toys. No, this is not mean. This is how you train a dog not to be food or toy aggressive. Stella is totally passive in these cases. Anyway, the manfriend sweeps in the room, grabs the bone out of her mouth and walks off. Stella sat up and cocked her head to the side like, “Well, that was rude.” She then pranced over to her kennel and fetched out her Nylabone (a much less tastier option), laid back down and started chewing that. I promptly burst out laughing.

We might have schmarty pants on our hands.

Puppy sitting in grass

I just love her.

And now for a real schmarty pants:

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