Adventures in Dogland

I may have hit upon Stella’s full name. Stella, while an adorable name, just seems too common. I believe her full name is Her Highness Queen Craptastic Stella Artois. Lovely, isn’t it?

In her continued display of trainablity, Stella has learned to fetch a ball, return it, drop it in your hand, and sit to wait for you to throw it again. Considering the fact that her ball was merely a chew toy earlier in the day and that her prey instinct to chase said ball was non-existent, this is a pretty great feet. The manfriend is darned good at training her.

We do have some concerns over he physical growth, however. She’s put on about four pounds since we got her and it’s all in length – as in the length of her body, not her legs. The manfriend is afraid she’ll end up long and lean with stubby legs. I’ve told her we’ll love her no matter what and that beauty is only skin deep.

While extolling her virtues as a ball chaser that evening, the manfriend asked me what other things we should teach her I replied, “We could teach her to roll over or shake. Shake would be a good one for her!” “That’s cheesy. I want her to dance a jig on her hind legs, for Christ’s sake,” he said. “Well, that’s hardly likely with these nubbin legs of hers now is it?” I retorted and then we both started laughing really hard. Is it bad to laugh at the expensive of your fur child? Are we scaring her for life? Eh, who cares. What do you have in life if you can’t laugh at children or animals?

Puppy in grass.

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  1. Sounds like the Queen is training y’all quite well! :D Furkids are wonderful.

    *raising my bottle of Stella to Stella at 128p EDT*

  2. Oh yes, it’s a constant battle to keep control! And glad you got the reference – it’s amazing how many people don’t!


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