Losing my teeth

I’ve been having a hard time sleeping since my car accident. I just can’t seem to get comfortable. I suppose the fact that my entire upper body feels like it’s made out of granite might be the cause.  You think?

A nice smile Anyway, last night I slept pretty darned good, until this morning when I had a disturbing dream. In my dream my very last molar on the right side of my mouth was loose. So I went in the bathroom to investigate. Upon noticing the gum around the tooth was inflamed and gross, I decided to pull the tooth. Somehow, I mistakenly grabbed the tooth in front of the offender and yanked that one. Cuz that would be so easy to do, right? Anyway, when I noticed my mistake, I panicked and pulled the actual bad tooth as well. So now I had a gaping hole in the back of my mouth. I was mortified.

So then I ran in the kitchen to tell the manfriend what had happened and as I started to speak I realized other teeth bouncing around in my mouth. I ran back to the bathroom, cupping my hands under my mouth. When I was over the sink I opened my mouth and what seemed like 200 teeth came tumbling out, filling my hands and running over the sides into the sink. Now I really freaked out as I watched my precious teeth slipping down the drain.

The manfriend stood horrified as I looked up into the mirror and smiled. There was nothing left. And then I woke up.

I Googled the meaning of dreams about loosing teeth and all the links I checked out said it has something to do with insecurity (either of your appearance or sexual attractiveness), a feeling of powerlessness, fear of an upcoming change or shift, or a fear of getting older. Considering that I have a birthday coming up, I’m going to go with the latter reasoning. Now I know that turning 34 ain’t no thing but a chicken wing, but I’m absolutely incredulous. Not because I have some issue with aging, but because I just can’t figure out where 34 years went and I’m concerned about how fast the next 34 will go.

As I rolled towards the manfriend in the wee hours of the morning to tell him my dream, he beat me to the punch. “I had a dream the dog’s head popped off.” I’ve not yet Googled that one – not sure I want to.

* As a side note, don’t ever do a Google image search on teeth. Some of the images that come up make my dream seem like a cake walk.

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  1. Ma

     /  October 1, 2010

    ewwww. In mine: my teeth crumble like sidewalk chalk!


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