Our little fur baby

Sorry I’ve been MIA. Between a lack of a home computer (remedied now) and the new job,  I’ve been out of the loop.

So here’s a little Stella update. We could not have picked a better dog. I’m not bragging here. Weeell, maybe just a bit. What I mean is that we picked the perfect dog for us.

Have I mentioned the manfriend’s two favorite hobbies (well, other than gardening, of course)? He LOVES to backpack and hike. And not just your normal stuff. He likes to do some extreme stuff that requires more resilience than I care to willingly put out, so I usually skip out on those trips.

And he LOVES to four-wheel. He drives this beast of a Jeep, named Jane, and has put untold hours of sweat, tears, and grease (to say nothing of the cashola) into making that Jeep his baby. Some women are golf widows, or put up with men who watch sports all weekend. I deal with a man who spends a fair amount of his free time in the garage wearing coveralls and coated in grease. Unless he’s out driving Jane. I enjoy the four-wheeling as well and, thankfully, find a greasy, coveralled manfriend to be adorable.

Stella’s favorite hobbies are climbing rocks and riding in Jane. It’s like she’s tailored made for the manfriend. Her other favorite hobby is snuggling, which makes her tailored made for me. Toss in that she’s smart (but does not, as of yet, use her smarts for evil), easy to train and tolerant (you should see her with kids) and she’d a gem. We’re very lucky to have such a creature in our home.

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  1. Teresa

     /  October 29, 2010

    Awesome! I’m so glad Stella’s great-Fantasic name too. I can’t wait to hear all of your updates-it’s been ages!

  2. I know! It’s been several months at this point :(


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