Words to live by

When blogs first started, I had no idea what they were. Kind of like RSS and branding – elusive concepts that are hard to define sometimes. It’s really only been over the past couple of years that the meaning of a blog became concrete to me.

What I’ve come to love about blogs is the doors they open (not literally, for those of you who still find blogs elusive). What I mean by that is that you might read one blog that references another, and then you read that blog and learn about another there, and so on.

I seem to have cyclical love affairs with blogs. When I find one that resonates with me, I’ll totally immerse myself in it, sometimes for days, and just read, read, read. And then I’ll check back now and then to keep up-to-date. My current love affair (mentioned just the other day also) is with Today’s Letters. While getting up to speed, I linked off to 1,001 Rules for My Unborn Son, which is about to become my new, new fave (truly a listing of words to live by, male or female). Next after that will be, undoubtedly, 1,001 Rules for My Unborn Daughter (an off-shoot not written by the same person). See how it goes? And the manfriend wonders how it is that I can spend so much time online!

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  1. ooooooooh thank you. you find such good websites to lurk about. xoxo

  2. Aimee Heckel

     /  November 5, 2010

    I might do this on my blog….. the rules for Bettie. But I won’t call them rules or she’ll have to break them (she is JD’s daughter, you know).

  3. Yeah, it have to be more like, “Don’t ever do this. EVER!” and then she would. Reverse psych, baby!


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