2010 Garden Recap

It’s finally over. The last of the lingering tomatoes have been picked, the last of the basil bit the dust in the first freeze.

It was a bountiful year. Our 30+ tomato plants yielded 21 quarts of tomato sauce (as in tomato puree we’ll use to cook lovely things like soups, chilies, pasta sauce). The five HUGE basil plants produced 24 batches of pesto. They had more to give, but I didn’t. I also peeled, sliced, and froze enough nectarines and peaches to make several batches of this recipe. I’m trying to fight the cravings and hold of on putting that lovely fruit to use in the deep depths of winter when some bright summer lovin’ will be most appreciated. The rest of the garden (carrots, other herbs, zucchini, squash, cabbage, cucumbers) was all consumed rather quickly. We’ll have to be more careful about that next year and do more freezing, pureeing, etc. to make our harvest last.

The manfriend is already planning next year’s garden. We’ll be expanding it’s size and adding lettuces, kale, onions, potatoes (if I can talk him into it), more strawberries, more carrots, radishes, garlic, beets and so on. And we hope that the 12 raspberry plants we planted this year will begin to yield some fruit in quantities higher than 15 berries per bush!

All in all, it was a good year for the garden. I just can’t tell you how fulfilling it is to eat fresh-picked goodness right out of your own soil. That the manfriend has brought this into my life makes me like him even more.

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