Knowing Stella

Every dog has it’s own personality. Sometimes it’s hard to figure things out and it takes time. Here’s what we’ve learned about Stella so far:

  • She doesn’t like chicken. At least not chicken flavored kibble.
  • She likes things as nasty as possible. For instance, if we give her a soup bone, she’ll let that sucker sit outside and fester for  good couple of weeks before she really finds it appealing.
  • Her favorite place to poo is the yard of the neighbor two doors down.
  • She LOVES to climb rocks – big ones. She gets all prancy and proud of herself when she makes it up there.
  • She has created a game to play with herself. She lays at the top of the stairs, drops her ball down the stairs, retrieves it and continues. She’s playing catch with herself!
  • She loves to curl up in my lap in the mornings when I’m sitting on the floor doing my makeup. It’s pretty cute. I wonder how well it’ll work when she’s full grown!
  • She likes to be tucked in under a blanket when she’s sleeping.
  • She loves to ride in the Jeep and instinctively knows to lay low and brace herself for the bumps when four-wheeling.
  • She’s happiest when she’s on her back chewing on something and getting her tummy rubbed.
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  1. Theresa

     /  November 13, 2010

    She’s such a precious little girl!


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