New to the rotation

We’ve been in a serious dinner rut lately. So for the last couple of weeks we’ve been trying to use at least one new recipe a week to introduce new meals to the rotation.

I’m usually ambivalent about recipes. I see recipes (except when I’m baking and things need to be more precise) as a mere guideline. I feel like most recipes are written for the lowest-common denominator. They usually need more flavor – more salt, more spices, etc. The manfriend sees recipes as even more of a minor blueprint than I do and generally takes it to a whole new level. And thank god, because he comes up with some amazing stuff. The trouble is that he rarely writes down what he did, so it’s hard to duplicate things later.

But we both agree to that the first time we cook something to stick *mostly* to the recipe. Given what I just said above you can imagine how elated we are (shocked even) when a recipe delivers the first time out. This recipe knocked our socks off! This is a new fave in our house and will definitely be made many, many times this winter. We both agreed that this will be our new go-to chicken noodle soup when one of us is sick. The spiciness will be perfect for clearing out the sinuses.

Now, having said all that, I will say that we did make a couple of tweaks, which seems to negate the previous paragraph, I know. But, because the recipe only calls for 2.5 cups of shredded chicken and doesn’t tell you how to cook that chicken, I feel like what I’m about to say doesn’t degrade the beauty of this recipe.

To cook the chicken we placed it in a saute pan and sort of sauteed/boiled/steamed it with chicken broth, lime juice and fish sauce. This was the manfriend’s idea and it made the chicken taste amazing! We then carried that broth through the rest of the recipe and I guarantee it added a new layer of flavor.

Do yourself a favor – make this soup. It’s amazing! I’ll warn you, however, that it doesn’t make a great leftover.

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