Bite me

I try hard to be a positive person and put out positive vibes and write positive posts on here. However, part of the purpose of this blog is to give reviews of things. I suppose that includes the good and the bad.

About a year ago I was talked into signing up for a Borders Rewards card. Over the past year I’ve been very pleased with their offerings. The coupons and discounts I get are amazing! And every in-store experience I’ve had has been very positive.

Last week I had $10 in Borders Bucks to spend and time was running out, so I decided to make an online purchase. The website would not cooperate. So I called customer service to place an order with them on the phone. I called multiple times over the next hour getting a busy signal each time. When’s the last time you got a busy signal?

So then I emailed customer service basically saying, “Your systems are a mess. I’d like an extension on those Borders Bucks as this is your issue, not mine.” The next day I receive a mass email communique from the CEO with sincere apologies about their system outages as well as an extension and $5 extra in Borders Bucks. Okay, sweet, thanks!

So, I went back to the site and loaded my cart up (mostly with used books – their selection is great) and went to check out. I used my $15 in Borders Bucks and qualified for free shipping. SCORE! I finished my transaction, hit BUY and…nothing. I won’t go into all the details, but I will say I again called Borders customer service (got through this time) and was assured everything was fine and given an order number. As of now I have no confirmation email about my order, no money has left my account, and there’s no record of my order in their system. Most of the used books I tried to buy are no longer available, as is my $15 in Borders Bucks.

So, I sent an email to customer service basically saying, “Hey, I’m trying to give you my money, and you’re making it very hard to do so. What gives?” I’ve yet to hear back.

Borders can bite me.

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