#reverb10: community

{For the month of December I’m participating in #reverb10 – an online initiative that prompts people to reflect on the past year and look towards the new one.}

December 7 – Community Prompt: Community. Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011? (Author: Cali Harris)

Some people, like my sister, have a huge community of people around them. Between people she’s met through her son, dance classes, work, and so on, she knows a ton of people! I’ve always been a bit more reserved. Don’t get me wrong, I make friends relatively easily and I’m a friendly person, but I chose to cultivate fewer, closer relationships rather than cast a wide net. So for me, the sense of community might be a bit smaller, but I definitely know who I can count on no matter what.

That being said, I would say blogging has given my an increased sense of community in 2010. I started my blog in October of 2009 and it’s grown nicely over the past year. Even though I may not know everyone who reads my blog, and I certainly don’t *know* all of the people whose blogs I read, being a part of the blogosphere makes you feel connected to more people. I’ve learned details about people’s lives, and maybe visa versa, that I feel privileged to know. It’s a funny, funny thing.

A perfect example is my sister-in-law’s friend, Robin. Apparently Robin was bored one day and decided to pass the time reading my entire blog – from the beginning. She said it gave her a better insight into me and my family. It felt good to know that she enjoys my blog and would take the time.

In 2011 I hope to continue to spread my blogging wings – reading more, writing more, connecting (there’s that word again) more.

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  1. Robin

     /  December 8, 2010

    I made the blog, omg!!! I really do enjoy your blog and am glad you are looking forward to writing it in 2011. I hope you are having a good holiday season, I hope Stella is feeling better and I hope you write about your squirrel friend again :)

  2. Hi Robin! Well, I really appreciate you being a loyal reader. I do need to do a JC update. Thanks for the reminder :) Happy holidays to you.


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