Stella, the evolution

It’s so true that dogs have their own quirks. They’re not like humans – they can’t tell you who they are. Instead, their oddities unravel over time. Stella keeps revealing herself day by day. I’ve touched on a few of the things that make Stella Stella before, but more has come to light:

  • She loves raspberries. LOVES.
  • She’s a very willing bathroom companion. For instance, when I’m in there in the mornings doing my hair, she likes to lay on the heating vent and warm herself. She also likes to be in there for “big business” and then um, well, enjoys watching things get flushed away. We call it the poo show.
  • She’s a very sensitive girl and hates to be in trouble. She just mopes about until she’s back in your good graces.
  • She prefers to do her “big business” on the slope behind our yard that leads down to the creek in back. This is tricky on work mornings when I don’t have on proper footwear and I’m so desperate to get her to poop that I take her back there and have to shimmy around on the 7% grade in hopes that she’ll find that perfect blade of grass to bless with her biz.
  • If you put her water bowl where the food bowl should be and the food bowl where the water bowl should be, it’s like her world is ending. She’s a total creature of habit. I can play that game. The manfriend is less detail oriented. It’s funny to watch.
  • She has a really long tongue. Like Gene Simmons long.

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  1. Aimee Heckel

     /  December 16, 2010

    I think it is so heartwarming how much you love your little dog. It really brightens my day. It makes me love and appreciate my weird little puppies, too. You have such a big heart, and it is so beautiful to watch it grow!

  2. Aw, thanks, Aimee :) What a nice thing to say! I love that little, furry creature – that’s for sure.


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