#reverb10 – gifts

{For the month of December I’m participating in #reverb10 – an online initiative that prompts people to reflect on the past year and look towards the new one.}

December 30 – Gift Prompt: Gift. This month, gifts and gift-giving can seem inescapable. What’s the most memorable gift, tangible or emotional, you received this year? (Author: Holly Root)

To be honest I’ve purposely skipped some of these prompts, like the one for yesterday. To have written about that one would have felt like beating a dead horse. So I apologize for dropping the ball here and there, but sometimes it’s okay to let that sucker bounce.

Aside from the amazing gift I gave myself (ahem) and the other lovely tangible gifts I was bestowed by my friends and family, my favorite gift was spending time with my family. As mentioned just a few days ago, we had a blast – did a lot of laughing and a lot of harassing each other as only close family members can do. My little brother, one of my most favorite people in the whole world, can annoy me to the brink of hysterics in about 15 minutes. It’s simultaneously hilarious an annoying as hell. If I didn’t love him so much, I’d kick his ass. I’d bet on him, though, if I were you, which makes the scenario even more annoying. ARGH!

What I’ve found is that the gift of an experience almost always trumps a material gift. Years from now I’ll likely not remember who gave me what, but I’ll have the memories. It also helps that I have the memory of an elephant – I’m like a steel trap, people!

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