Snip, snip

Stella’s getting spayed today. The manfriend is all sorts of worried about her. It’s pretty cute. I’m a seasoned pet owner and a *little* less worried.

Stella has an un-neutered male buddy down the street. Over the past couple of weeks they’ve been very excited to see on another, which signals to me that the time is right. I can assume what their barks mean:

Horny male dog: “Hey little lady! Come on in to my yard and let me make a woman out of you!”
Stella: “Oh, you’re so big and strong. I think I love you!”
Horny male dog: “You smell good. Oh ya!”
Stella: “I think I wanna have your puppies!”

You can’t blame him. She’s a pretty girl. And he’s a pretty handsome guy. I bet they’d have beautiful puppies! But we’ll never know now. Sigh.

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