Laugh until you pee

Man, sometimes there’s nothing better than a good cry. The only other thing that comes close is laughing so hard you damn near pee your pants. Last week a tip from a friend about a hilarious website brought tears of laughter to my eyes, which is the best combo of all.

The site is called Damn You Auto Correct. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? For those who don’t know what auto-correct is (aka my mom), it’s when your “smart” phone decides it knows better than you and “auto-corrects” something you’ve typed in a text. Sometimes the result is just unreal. The one that just about broke the manfriend and I is below. Just imagine us huddled over our laptop on the couch laughing and wiping away the tears while Stella looked on like, “These crazy humans. WTF?”

I could post about 50 more, but it’s just best if you go to the site and have a hearty laugh!

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