Again, an opinion please?

I love to have lots of photos around the house. I love when others have lots of photos around their houses, too. But I’m starting to run out of surfaces to put photos, so I’m heading the to walls. The plan is to turn our hallway into a photo gallery of sorts. Part of me is thinking about doing something very uniform and classic like this:

Pottery Barn Gallery in a Box in Black

The other part of me wants to do something fun like this (but all in black):

The Organic Bloom Handmade Frames

The photos themselves will almost all be in color, so I feel like a neutral, consistent frame color is necessary. What, dear readers, are your thoughts on this?

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  1. My folks have always had a ton of phitos abd artwork on the walls, and they’ve done both. I personally feel that the square frames help unify everything, so I would go with a square edged plain black frame, but with colorful fun shaped matboard instead. Not very wide, but enough to show off your personality.

    Besides. Fancy frames can get very spendy, but mat board (or even archival poster board) is cheap! Then, of you want to change it up, you can.

  2. Sara

     /  January 13, 2011

    I did almost the same thing in my hallway! :) It’s a mix of colored and black and white art pieces, all in different frames (some antique, some not) but all of them are white, cream or gold. My suggestion for putting it together is to lay it all out on the floor and arrange things so they are balanced by size and color before you start hanging them on the wall – fewer “oops, this has to go up two inches” moments that way. Hehe.

    • It’s a good point you make about laying it all our first. It’s precisely why I haven’t put anything up just yet. I want to make sure I have a good 15-20 photos framed before I start putting them up. I feel like a good starting point will make it easier to add more later and keep the structure of it all. I also need more photos from the manfriend’s mom. We’re woefully low on good manfriend and family pictures in the house.

  3. I like your point about the matte board and being able to change it up! I feel like I have enough whimsy in my house with my plate wall (post coming soon), so a wall of whimsy frames might be overkill. But those Organic Blooms frames are so cute! Thanks for the opinion, Kaelin.

  4. Keep in mind that as the years go by, the frame styles available for purchase in stores will change. Two years from now you’ll have more picture to add but may not be able to find the style of frame you want. So mix it up now.

  5. Now, that’s a good perspective too, Cathy! These are great comments, ladies! Thank you so much!

  6. Organic Bloom!! But I *might* be slightly biased… ;)
    – Mrs. Bloom

    • Why Hello, Mrs. Bloom! Thanks for checking out my site! I’ve been reading your blog as well :) Yes, you do have a biased opinion, but a valid one nonetheless. Thanks for chiming in.

  7. I like the idea of same colour frames and different coloured ( yes I’m English sorrySpell check) boarders. Let me know if you need help its a hell of a job on your own.x

  8. Thanks, Sally! I might take you up on that!


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