A happy dog and happy feet

This is a story and a recommendation all in one. Clever, right?

The story: This weekend has do go down in history as a banner weekend for Stella. It started with a trip to the spa (oooh la la) on Saturday for the works. She came home all sorts of jaunty and pleased with herself smelling sweet, looking shiny, and feeling soft. Because of this state of affairs, she was allowed to sleep on the bed – one of her most treasured treats ever (she even says so herself). Then on Sunday she was taken for a super long walk and got to chase the ball through fresh powder. She was pleased as punch!

The recommendation: while on this walk, it occurred to me that I need to tell you guys about Bogs!

Some of them are cute:

Some of them are not as cute:

All of them are incredible comfortable, warm up to -40 (a plus here in CO lately), and heavy on good tread. I opted for the not so cute variety as I need them to be as utilitarian as possible for camping and winter wheeling. Yes, we four wheel in the winter – in the snow. It’s a riot. Anyway, if you live anywhere where you get cold-ass temps and snow, these are the best snow boots you could ever hope for. I promise.



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